Senior Year

Looking to the future is complex. It requires vastly different kinds of sources to at least guess what would come next. These guesses can be right or wrong, but they always create some sort of Fears because our guesses mostly fail to correctly recognize the real future that is waiting for us. Nowadays, many people put their hands on my shoulder, but I have no idea what they are here for. That is what I’m afraid of. The fear that rushes into me is not just an ordinary fear, but it is my instinct that detects these kind of people before I even realized they were here.

These kind of people can be beneficial, but scary in some way. They are selfish, and they can do anything to benefit themselves. For my senior year, I hope that there are no such vile people around me, for I have experienced them in the past. They leave like they were just a mirage, and it hurts me every time I let go of these kind of people. I am still excited about a new year of high school that will fill me with more successes and failures.

The wise man had said, “The wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” I want to be that righteous person with righteous people around me. I’m hoping not to make another mistake like I have done before. I’ll be filtering from now on. ^^

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