똥뚜간 지붕에서 모여앉은 물방울이

냄새가 지독해서 하늘높이 날라간다

똥이 더러워서 피하지 무서워서 피하나

Water droplets huddled together on the rooftop of an old toilet

Fly high to the sky because of the awful smell

They flee to avoid its filth, not because they are scared

In One’s Heart of Hearts

구름들이 머물던 산들의 봉우리들은

그 웅장함이 우리의 꿈이 되었다

안에 있는 추운 공기는 알지도 모른체

The mountaintops where clouds gather

Their grandiosity became our hopes and dreams

But we couldn’t know the cold air locked inside.


The Wind and the Sun

완두콩을 감싸고 있는 껍질은

완두콩이 부드러움을 가질때

마음을 놓고 그들을 놓아준다

Shells that encase peas

Once the peas obtain their softness,

They release their hearts and peas


황야의 무분별함이 낳은 눈먼자들아

군맹무상하듯이 식견이 좁은 자들아

멀리 보면 개과천선할지니 눈을 떠라

Those who are blinded by the wilderness’ indiscretion,

Those who have a narrow outlook like a blind man touching an elephant,

Open your eyes, for once you look further, you will be reformed.



Like stars on the night sky,

Bright, splendid, and gorgeous

Even though you can’t reach them

Their vagueness is their beauty


Repeated imaginations are a result of deficiency

Of something that sank deep into one’s heart

Like the common aspect of every art is incompletion

People tend to dash into the direction of pleasure

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