Human Rights

While most consider Gender Equality, Human trafficking, and Race and ethnic Discrimination to be the universal problems all across the world, some basic human rights are not even on the list to discuss. The presumption of innocence has been ignored by most of people, and it has only been considered by few people that are under the judicial branch. People tend to be very strict on the issues of human rights which are obvious on their sights. Even though the presumption of innocence is so frequently violated in many countries, people are surprisingly magnanimous on this issue of human rights. This human right is unlikely to be solved for we don’t give a thought about this issue. Maybe it might be because people have the range of whether to deliberate certain kinds of human rights, and it might be because the presumption of innocence is beyond that Maginot Line. When people talk about the person on a trial, they strongly believe in their intuition even though it is not a fact at all. Only from their looks, they determine whether he would be guilty or not. On the other hand, he, who is on a trial, is walking into court for his life. If no evidences are existing to support whether this person is guilty or not, the jury vote is initiated. His life is on citizens’ hands.

A Korean TV show, “The Signal,” deals with the idea of this human right. The detective from the past can have a communication with the detective living right now. The detective from the past asked “Something must have changed right? Is it still the same? If they have money and connections, can they eat and live well even though they act like an animal?” The detective living on the present day was jolted from the fact that nothing has changed. Innocent ones are locked up in the prison, and the corrupted ones continued their madness with the help of money and connections.

People aren’t perfect, and that is why we need our laws to be just. Without laws, we will be living in a world like hell. It wasn’t God who created these laws, so they aren’t perfect, but at least, they keep our consciousness alive. It was our free will to adjust the laws, and to live under these restrictions. Because of this, I believe that even though God has been instructing us to live in a certain way, it is our choice to live in different ways. For those reasons, I firmly believe that laws should change as time goes on to improve equality like it has been since the beginning of the world.

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