Culture and Morality

I believe that there is no such thing as universal when it comes to an idea of morality.  We all value or weigh one morality from one another, and it is fairly dependent on our state of mind. One’s personal belief in morality should be respected and preserved. I watched a movie called Taegukgi: Brotherhood of War, and it dealt with the killing in war and human trafficking. Young adults were forced to go out into war like slaves, and they killed the enemies in order to survive. It brutally played with our emotion by how these young adults had conflicts in their mind whether to kill the enemies or die. They had to think about winning this war and going back to their family, so they could kill these enemies. Some people with low morale took their own lives. It was an absolute turmoil happening in Korea back then. All these happenings were heavily dealt by their own set of morality. In this case, everyone had right to choose their own set of morality.

I strongly believe that one’s set of morality is neither right nor wrong in this world. Since this world cannot have universal morality, we need to adjust ourselves by having our own set of morality. Like it happened during Korean war, my set of morality is different with your set of morality. Some things are definitely wrong, but beside these odd cases, nothing should be judged, but be respected by others. Muslims cannot judge others for eating beef, Christians cannot judge others for denying slavery, and Buddhists cannot judge others for shouting gender equality. It depends solely on our own opinions, and we can never judge others for having different set of morality.



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