Part 1

Love has nothing to do with

the five senses and the six directions:

its goal is only to experience

the attraction exerted by the Beloved.

Afterwards, perhaps, permission

will come from God:

the secrets that ought to be told with be told

with an eloquence nearer to the understanding

that these subtle confusing allusions.

The secret is partner with none

but the knower of the secret:

in the skeptic’s ear

the secret is no secret at all.

With my mere understanding, this love poem from Rumi is revealing the “secret” of real love. Love was just a desperate need of receiving attention from one another after all. Love has no distinctive shape, so we can never fully understand its own purpose of its existence. We mostly rely on the luck when we love someone, so God decides who to love, and who to marry.

Secrets that should be known will eventually be told in a way that is easier to understand than how people hint at knowing secrets they shouldn’t say. It is also a God’s will that the secrets will be unraveled or will be kept. Even though the secrets will be spread, no one knows the secret except for the person who does. To the people who don’t believe in the secret, the secret is simply an insignificant statement.

Part 2

Title: Love

Love turns depression into delight

it beats the death and brings meanings to life.

Love brings the burning and newfound desire

to learn everything about the beautiful stranger.

But the love you accept shouldn’t hurt you

The relationship you entertain shouldn’t cause confusion.

Like Rumi gave some idea of personal understandings of how he understood the concept of love, I gave my own realization of love through my experiences. Since Rumi talked about the purpose of the love, I talked about how love affects on you.

2 thoughts on “Rumi

  1. I also agree that love has no distinct shape whatsoever, and it is almost impossible have someone you love, love you back. It is luck, like you said, and I can see how love can be seen as a sign of desperate need of attention from those you love.


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