The Collision of Culture, Morality and Human Rights. (Extra Credit)

Culture is set from the belief by the certain group of people, but morality is set by your own point of view. The world has always been unjust, and there were only few who valued morality truly in their heart. Culture has shaped us in a way, so that we can’t get out of the cube that they created. Firm beliefs are often turning into stereotypes, and that’s what causes people to violate human rights. We can see some examples in The Good Earth, when Wang Lung treats women like a slave. Wang Lung was definitely a kind and moral person, but the culture has shaped him to feel nothing when it came to treating women harshly.

I don’t believe that I lived a moral life, but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t give a thought about morals. Every time I add up the garbage onto my set of morality, the stinky smell of it creates confusion on which is garbage and which is not. I used to be very conscious on such things, but I don’t think I feel as much guilt nowadays. My consciousness of guilt just got numb very quickly without my own self noticing it, but I couldn’t bring my innocence back because the stinky smell is already too overwhelming. Maybe I would be able to cleanse myself if I just throw away everything I obtained throughout my life. I mean, erasing all of my memory to begin again.

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