The war of ideas

If I was born in an Atheist family, perhaps I would be one of them. However, as soon as my umbilical cord got cut off, I was Christian. I didn’t have anything else to believe in, so I followed what most members of my community followed. When I got into the elementary school, I learned that not everyone was Christian. In fact, most of my friends were adherents of Buddhism, which shocked me for awhile. It was like, we were living in a different world, but on the other hand, we had many commonalities. As we grew older together, I was able to turn my friends into christians. I might be wrong because nowadays, people go to church to make friends, and they might be what they were used to be in the past. Nonetheless, I can confidently say that at least their mindset has changed in some way.

Conflicts in our heart never gets solved. It gets more vague as we grow old. Since I was so desperate to believe in the right thing, I had to be correct. I tried to find some of the mistakes that bible had made, and actually, there was a lot. It was such an immature move to make, and I learned that real belief comes from you, not from the bible or any other documents written by humans. My friends must have struggled to find the right answer, and they came to a conclusion that led them to go to church every Sundays. We all seek to find the right answer, and the right answer technically does not exist. It was us that formulated the right answer. I believe that even the extremists must have struggled to find the truth, and their own personal truth was to become the person they are right now, or they might still be working to find the ideal truth.

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