My grandfather always told me about when he lived in one of the poorest countries in the world. He always starts his story with, “you are lucky to be born in this century,” and he tells me that people in the past had to go through bunch of hardships, and it was normal for them. He believes that he was in part of developing the country in such a short amount of time. He is proud to be Korean and I also am proud of my nationality. Nowadays, people tend to forget where they are from, and started to adapt other countries’ perspectives.

In the past, people stood up as one country often enough to create many historical events. This was possible because before then, there was passion in everyone’s heart. In this continually globalizing world, it is just not possible to convince majorities to support their nation when we all are so busy trying to become global citizens. Nationalism, however, is sometimes important to correct the wrong doings. Korean citizens were very self-centered, and seemed to have no passion for the country’s well-being, however when the former president did things that were against ethics, Korean citizens stood up as one country to bring her down. This wasn’t possible without the love of their nation. Nationalism isn’t always bad, but with the sinful thoughts in their leader’s mind, nationalism could be devastatingly harmful.

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