Holocaust Survivor stories

Joseph Moses Lang’s story

On Joseph’s 17th birthday, he was transported by cattle car with other hundreds of other Jewish people, to Auschwitz. When arrived, men and women were immediately separated. He was sent to work camp, and he did many arduous works such as working in a cement factory, railroad working, and woodworking. During that time, he was beaten very badly several times. One time he was sent to the “dentist” to get his wisdom teeth pulled out as a punishment. Another time he was charged to run four laps when the German shepherd dog was chasing him. He was beaten on his neck. Every single thing in that place was horrible. When Jews were liberated, he lost track of their family, which gave them even more horrible time. 6 months later, he found Meir, who was his older brother, but couldn’t find the rest of the others except some of the relatives from his mother. On mid 1970s, Meir got killed from the agricultural accident. He got a skin cancer from the woodworking when he was at the work camp. The End.

At first, I chose this story because the name of the fellow was pretty interesting. However, when I read the story, I was shocked. I was shocked on how he was brutally treated. I was shocked on how his life did not have an awarding ending compared to how much he has suffered. The fact that he could not talk about this story right until his death came nearby explains how traumatic his life in concentration camp was. It is a very depressing story that will stick in my head for a long time.

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