The Power of Hope

The statement that we are in the middle of hope and fear and we are constantly getting tugged from each edges resembles my state of mind. Most of the time, however, I fear. When most of my valuable time vanishes with my fears, hope suddenly comes in to somehow pull me back into the real world. This excrutiating lasting of fear and sudden shortburst of hope got me to here. However, I didn’t have time to think about the fear that has been always with me, and I tend to think about the hopes that rarely stays with me.

If you ask why is having hope so important, in my opinion, there is one answer to that question. No matter what happens to you, hope leads you to better thoughts and results. Of course, in order to fully reach the desire, hope has to correlate with the work you put in, however, at the least it helps you to think positively. Nobody can be posilutely absotively sure about the actions that you take, but with hope, things do get better.

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