Virtue of Tourism

I personally believe that the tourism leads the way to your mindfulness. The new stranger you acquaint with, the new corner of the street you visit, and the new sight of the scene you witness. They all have their own way of impressions that are subconsciously planted in our mind. These impressions create new point of view in the world. Sometimes travelling resets our noisy mind into a peaceful mind.

When I travelled to Vietnam, our family roamed around many places, and witnessed many things to fascinate ourselves such as mud pool, bicycle swarm, and amusement park on an island. It was a terrific view. All just worked together so well to describe the culture and history of Vietnam. This trip also presented us an opportunity to make a new friend. A korean gentleman who lived in Vietnam for a long time.

The value that travel holds is inexplicable. It is only taught through real experiences, and if you really cherish all the moments, the teachings through these experiences will surely influence your entire life.


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