Damage Project, External Sense

In every countries, there are always few political faces who are revealed to be corrupted, or have done something that was immoral. This cycle of corruption in politics have given us room to lose faith in them. However, in Korea, the corruption of many politicians are neglected.

Social media in Korea are revealing bunch of scandals and crimes of celebrities nowadays. Such as one male singer creating a group chat room in order to talk about the prostitution businesses, and people in that group were all investigated. Few people from that group chat are actually going be jailed for years. Also, just few days ago, one foreign celebrity who live in Korea got caught using many different types of drugs at home, and it spread throughout the social media.

However, few people believe that these news were already known among their circles, but started revealing these news only because of some bigger dirty truth that politicians are hiding. Some big news have actually attempted to reveal their corruption such as reasons behind death of many different female celebrities in Korea, but these news weren’t spotlighted on any sort of social media, and faded away as other news covered it up. The reporter claims that those female celebrities have killed themselves in a weird position. Such as Choi Jin Sil, who hung herself in her bathroom when every members of her family live in that house. It is odd since her husband suggested that she wouldn’t do such a thing to her innocent daughter, and if she really wanted to hang herself, she would do it somewhere that nobody could witness. There are many more cases that just didn’t make sense, so the reporter suggested that their deaths are related to few influential politicians.

Also, this sort of hiding the truth situation have occurred in the past. The former president, Keunhye Park, was accused for becoming a puppet behind a politician called Soonsil Choi. It turned out to be true, and all her unreasonable actions made sense after all. The former president and that politician are in jail until now. They were hiding the truth until almost the end of the former president’s term of presidency. This sort of corruption shouldn’t happen again, and people must have multifaceted awareness in order to see the truth.

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