Farewell blog

Bringing it back to the past, when I first came to ICS, I thought the students at ICS were cold individuals. I was ignorant on the fact that they have already created fences around them when I got here. I struggled a few years, but after getting to know many different people at ICS, and it was so recent, I started to express my emotions and thoughts to many people. You guys opened my heart. It almost became a trauma you know. This word ICS to me was not a friendly word at all. I really appreciate your loves guys. I just can’t imagine the world without you guys, but our missing hearts can’t be delayed anymore. So let’s carve our memories in our deepest hearts, and let’s pull it out when the time comes.

I hate to just hastily say goodbye to each other. I hate to turn my back so soon. I want to be backstepping, watching for our adieu. I was so lazy to even think that this moment would come eventually, but now we are here after all the good memories that we’ve been through at ICS. I hope to see you all in the later life, and appreciate the bond we shared. I don’t know what you will be in the future, we are all blind actually at this very moment, but whatever the situations may be, I will still be missing you guys with all my heart.

Some particular individuals have reached inside of my heart. Some nights are going to be disappointing and not special. The nights that will open the window and beckon to all the sad people in the world, and when that night comes, I will remember you guys. As long as I toss about, not being able to sleep on that night, I will be able to reach out to you guys. You guys are at the point where it could become my song or poem. I treasure you that much. You were my happiness. Let us all fly away now.

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