Eagle side of Daegu

It’s my hometown, or I should confidently say that it’s my homecity. Daegu is a 4th largest city in Korea, and I was born in there. People in Seoul would say it’s just another rural area, but I believe that it’s a city 🙂 Despite of its lack of popularity by the mass, this place just has so many different aspects to fascinate us.

The symbol of Daegu is an eagle, and it represents the enterprising spirit and the frontier spirit. Many people that I know of in Daegu are bearing this eagle spirit in them. I’ve never made ordinary friends in Daegu, and they were very apart from each other. One was seeking for major soccer scene, one was looking forward to travel the whole Earth, and one was dreaming to become the best hiphop dancer in the world. They were very different with each other, but they made a perfect group. This is another aspect of Daegu. People in Daegu are very, verryy friendly. If you go there, you can make your best friend. They love strangers from another country.

Daegu is covered with mountains on every four sides, and that makes this place a city surrounded by mountains. There is a long river running through Daegu called Keumho River, and around this river they got many events going on. I’ve participated in different events for different occasions, and they were all great and showed its color of culture in Daegu. It is hard to describe, but it kind of is similar with the night market in Bangkok, but with many traditional korean style performances.

Daegu is a great place for a modernistic wanderer.

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