World War II Poetry Analysis


Truly, the title embedded lots of meanings. In that period of time, the soldiers were treated as numbers. Of course, they provoked tears in citizens eyes, and were very well respected, but there were just too many for all of them to be remembered. Were those forgotten soldiers’ sacrifices worth it? It is for them to decide the worth, but the fact is that they were forgotten.

E.L Mayo effectively uses the word, “delicate,” by expressing the relationship between hand and gun. This partnership of gun and hand just didn’t end up to a bright situation, but triggered the wary bird of peace fly away. When people were celebrating for how the war went, these forgotten soldiers weren’t able to attend these cheerful moment, and had to stand outside like wolves in the moon. At the end, all they knew was the war. They knew this concept of war bitterly well, but they didn’t get to know this thing called peace.

In many ways, Mayo delivers depressing message of the forgotten ones. It is like he knew what they have been through, and he created a great mixture with his opinions about them. Wars create many emotions, and they always give the soldiers the worst emotion that could ever come out from the war, Loneliness.

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