Do I need calls to action?

Che’s compassionate motive to save the world is beautiful. It was an extreme feeling of love that he felt from every single soul that made him move. Was it worth it? My response to his calls to action is that our lives are indefinably complex, so his actions did not just ruin his life, but also presented havoc to those innocent people who joined his group.

My life is in a pause right now. I need some time to recover and reminisce on the things I’ve done. Che’s willingness to take action was courageous, but I can’t risk it for now. I have too many things to lose if I dare to seek for the answers. Convincing myself to go and take one more step is going to be hard, and I got to keep asking myself until that day comes. I should wait for everything to settle, and then I’ll consider to take that step.


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